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Datasheet provides free datasheets, circuit schematics, pinouts and DIY projects for the top semiconductors and ICs.

Most Popular Electronics Components

LM317 Photo

LM317 Regulator

This is a very popular integrated three-terminal adjustable linear voltage regulator. LM317 Regulator is a positive voltage regulator supporting input voltage of 3V to 40V and output voltage between 1.25V and 37V.  The LM317 datasheet is provided from several manufacturers of this popular device.

NE555 Timer IC Picture

NE555 IC Timer

This 8-pin NE555 datasheet is one of several 555 timer ICs.  These timers are among the most useful ICs ever made and it is used in many projects. With just a few external components it can be used to build many circuits, not all of them involve timing!

ATmega128 Photo

ATmel 89C51 Datasheet, 89C51 Circuit

The Atmel 89C51, or AT89C51, is an 8051-based Fully Static 24MHz CMOS controller.

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LM317 Datasheet LM317 Data Sheet LM317 PDF LM317 Circuit Schematic LM317 Regulator
NE555 Datasheet NE 555 Timer IC NE555 PDF NE555 Timer NE555 Circuit
AVR ATMEGA128 Datasheet AVR ATMEGA128 Data Sheet
AVR ATMEGA128 Pinouts AVR ATMEGA128 Circuit Schematic AVR ATMEGA128 PDF
AVR ATMEGA16 Datasheet AVR ATMEGA16 Data Sheet AVR ATMEGA16 Pinouts AVR ATMEGA16 Circuit Schematic AVR ATMEGA16 PDF
LM35 Datasheet LM35 Data Sheet LM35 Temperature LM35 Sensor LM35 PDF
LM3886 Datasheet LM3886 Amp LM3886 Pinouts LM3886 Amplifier LM3886 Audio
LM339 Datasheet LM339 Data Sheet LM339 Comparator LM339 Circuit Schematic LM339 PDF
LM555 Datasheet LM555 Data Sheet LM555 Timer LM555 IC LM555 PDF
2N3055 Datasheet 2N3055 Data Sheet 2N3055 Power 2N3055 Transistor 2N3055 PDF
2N2222 Datasheet 2N2222 Data Sheet 2N2222 Pinouts 2N2222 Transistor 2N2222 PDF
BC547 Datasheet BC547 Data Sheet BC547 Pinouts BC547 Transistor BC547 PDF
1N4148 Datasheet 1N4148 Data Sheet 1N4148 Circuit 1N4148 Diode 1N4148 PDF
2N3904 Datasheet 2N3904 Data Sheet 2N3904 Pinouts 2N3904 Transistor 2N3904 PDF
ATmel 89C51 Datasheet ATmel 89C51 Data Sheet ATmel 89C51 Circuit ATmel 89C51 Download ATmel 89C51 PDF
7805 Datasheet 7805 Data Sheet 7805 Regulator 7805 Voltage 7805 PDF